What started as a small prayer meeting towards the end of 2009 very soon became a church.

MPA began in an apartment, with the vision, of Making disciples who will make disciples, inspired, by the great commission given by, Jesus Christ, in the book of Matthew chapter 28.

Worship, Discipleship , Evangelism soon became MPAs focal point.

Very soon the church grew out of the apartment Martha Mary church in Eagan was the new place of worship.

As time passed by, MPA began to conduct service in Eagan Community Center. Board Room, one of many more stops of MPA.

The church continued to grow. North Oaks was big enough to contain MPA, for a while.

Lord blessed the church with various events, gatherings and fellowship. The drive to evangelize grew stronger by each passing day. Over 50 missionaries across 5 countries are provided both leadership and financial support by the church members through different organizations.

No journey is complete without its challenges. MPA found it harder to rent places for worship. Moving audio equipment twice a week was no easy task either. The church got on its knees and prayed, for a place to worship in all freedom. On November 27th, 2016,

God never despises small beginnings.

January 29th, 2017, Christ answered our prayer. A place to worship Him, in all freedom, in Spirit and Truth. God’s faithfulness and favor was evident.

MPA continues to stand on its God given vision, “Until Jesus Christ returns we will continue to make disciples who will make disciples, wherever the Lord sends us”.