Activity Goals

Fellowship Meeting

When: 2nd Saturday at 6:00 PM. One Meeting Quarter ( March, June, September, December)

Duration: 60-75 Minutes Program + Fellowship time


  • A time for the church family to get together for fellowship.
  • Have food together.
  • Opportunity for members to cook and share. It will be a potluck.
  • A time for members to invite friends, encourage them to join for fellowship with the church family.
  • Provide an opportunity for the talent show. Anyone can do programs during the meeting time.
  • Allow children to do programs which they are not able in to do during the training time and encourage them as a church family.
  • Identify God-given talents and ability in members to be utilized in other places.


  • Provide time for members to grow in fellowship.
  • Provide an opportunity for friends and guests to join for a time of fellowship, meal and watch programs.
  • Edification and encourage attendees through the programs conducted.

Coordinator Responsibility:

  • Conduct the program as per schedule.
  • Create the program list for the year at the beginning of the year.
  • Request and encourage members to sign for programs.
  • Assign programs to people who may not come forward to do programs with the goal of bringing out hidden talents
  • Communicate to members about their program.
  • Send a reminder one month in advance of the program.
  • If there are some children’s program planned which requires practice, coordinate the practice time at least one month in advance so that children can prepare well in advance and there is adequate time for preparation.