MPA Pre-School (Ages 3 through 6)

1. Sunday School:
For this age group, we conduct Sunday school in 2 classes based on the Ages
a. Pre School: Age 3-5
b. Kinder Garten: Ages 5,6

We follow the Radiant Life Sunday School Curriculum. We follow semester pattern as shown below
First Semester (Winter): December to February
Second Semester (Spring): March to May
Third Semester (Summer): June to August
Fourth Semester (Fall ): September to November

2. Visual Teaching:
Kids will be kids and always want to play and we need to draw their attention by using effective teaching methodolog(ies).
We use Visual teaching methodologies for our smallest kids.

We use Betty Lukkens Felt Board and other Electronic tools to get their attention during the entire class time which includes, Bible Stories, Songs, Memory Verses and Prayer

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