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One of the main issues the church had faced for some time was the need for a permanent place to gather. Many Sundays during the worship service, we had the community center staff come and ask us to reduce the volume, disrupting the service as they demanded the media team to completely turn down the volume. This has been going on for some time and the church members had been praying for this matter. In December 2016, a church building came to our attention and we performed a site visit. After the visit, the majority of the church members went there and we held a small prayer service in the building. Right now by God’s grace, the purchase agreement is finalized and the appraisal process is ongoing. If God willing, we are planning to close the building by the end of January 2017.

Apart from the cost of the building, there are some repairs and renovations we will have to complete before we can move into the building. There are some other repairs we will have to do within the first year. We currently have a “Building Fund” for the church and our members have sacrificially contributed to it. We are thankful to God for His provisions and also to our members.

We believe that this new step in our church will be a blessing not only for our members, but also for many in this land, who are yet to meet Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. So, we request you to pray for us and share this matter with others.

If the Lord leads you, we request you to extend your financial support, either individually or as a church for this cause, so that it will be helpful with our closing costs, complete the renovation work, and also meet our goal of a down payment which will make our monthly payment less burdensome for the church. This way we can completely focus on our vision of “Making disciples who will make disciples” and boldly continue to proclaim and serve Jesus Christ in this land.

We sincerely appreciate your tax deductible contribution made out to “Minnesota Pentecostal Assembly”. You can either send us a check or Donate by clicking the Donate button on this page.

May the Lord richly bless you!